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Single Origin *Cocoa Butter from Oko Caribe, *Dried Ground Dates, *Strawberry Powder, *Coconut Milk Powder*, (*Reishi Dual Extract (standardized to contain total 6,000mg) (Ganoderma Lucidum) (Fruiting Body) )


Products are made from dual extract using 100% full fruiting bodies of the mushroom. Then extracted for the compounds making it more bioavailable for your immune response.


All products are made dairy free, but have been made in a facility that uses dairy & nuts. Full Fruit Fungals uses no preservatives, fillers, GMOs, gluten, artificial sweeteners or flavors.


Reishi is the number one most used fungi in the world. Coined “The mushroom of longevity or immortality”, Reishi has quite a few amazing properties. Known to cause a sense of full body relaxation and calmness, it helps aid in an increased slumber period and can lower stress levels.

*Not only is the fruiting body medicinal, but even the spores (in mass) that this mushroom create actually contain a large number of various triterpenes – aiding in anti-microbial functions, anti-inflammatory, tumor, and cancer reduction!

Half-sized Strawberry, White Chocolate & Reishi

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