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Full Fruit Fungals

It all started in the forest among the fungi.

Full Fruit Fungals is currently a small scale organization with the goal to start an environmentally friendly & sustainable business powered by women. With further goals towards new innovative businesses built on the bases of assisting the world through mycological remediation. We will be offering rare gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, products,  grow kits, practical knowledge, and random tips we have learned over our time cultivating. We hope to eventually set up a full lab branch so we can do our own testing and offer our assists to other companies. Our goal is focused on rare varieties to restaurants, apothecaries, and local markets. We hope to find research into new and innovative mycological ways to support humans and planetary health.

Mushroom illustration
Wen Kaitlyn with Hypsizygus ulmarius-(Elm Oyster)2_edited.jpg

Full Fruit Fungals started with two enthusiastic individuals with such a joy for wild mushroom foraging and cultivation that soon developed into an obsession with all things fungi. We believe in the power of nature, and working symbiotically with things that mother earth has provided for us.

We couldn't believe more in the power of "as above, so below." Full fruiting mushrooms are very rare to find in mushroom products these days (oddly enough), most are mycelium based products growing on brown rice. We want to provide real people with real products - full fruits, less fillers.

Basket of Morels.jpg

Our Ethics

We are an environmentally sustainable small business who wants to open the doors to affordable cultivation products, top tier genetic species, and rare edibles that will make taste buds dance with joy! Studies continue to show that many, many different species of mushrooms are helping to prevent disease , and provide over all great health benefits just by incorporating them into our daily diets.

Ischnoderma resinosum (resinous polypore).jpg
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