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Meet The Gals

Women foraging for a healthier world. 

A working relationship between the forest and the gals.

Full Fruit Fungals is currently a small scale organization with the goal to start an environmentally friendly & sustainable business powered by women. Get to know about us, and why we love providing the world with fresh and healthy fungi products, and resources.

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Owner | Forager | Baker

Kaitlyn has always loved the feeling of an unknown adventure, and mushrooms are nothing short of that for her. After volunteering for Telluride Mushroom Festival for the first time in 2016, it awakened something deep inside of her soul that she didn’t know was there. Aside from all the amazing health benefits mushrooms have, she loves the call of the wild that they make her pursue.

"From going to the high peaks and alpine lakes, to deep into the jungle and along hidden streams, you never know where the next hidden micro-climate will be for a specific fungi to grow!" - Kaitlyn

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Owner | Forager | Chef

Kelly is a nature enthusiast with a serious passion for getting outdoors! She has always had a love for plants, their complex underground systems, and simply the energy that they put out. It’s only natural that mushrooms started to peak her interest due to their vibrant colors. The more she studied them, the more magical she realized they truly were. From their diverse ecology, to their mycorrhizal relationships with plants, and the ability to break down harmful chemicals in the soil – they shortly encompassed her life and the mycelial web began to spread with a devotion to work with funga for a better look at all aspects of the natural world.

We couldn't believe more in the power of "as above, so below." Full fruiting mushrooms are very rare to find in mushroom products these days (oddly enough), most are mycelium based products growing on brown rice. We want to provide real people with real products - full fruits, less fillers.

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